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>>From Ruth Glynn <[hidden email]>

Subject:  Charles Goldfarb's SGML book

Michael Sperberg-McQueen noted that he hadn't
yet seen this book -- that's because it isn't
*quite* out.  At the risk of being accused of
advertising, here is some blurb on the book
from OUP's publicity department.

Charles Goldfarb's book *The SGML Handbook* will be
published by Oxford University Press next month.
The ISBN is 0-19 853737-9;  the book has 672 pp.,
contains line drawings etc.  It includes the up-to-date
amended full text of ISO 8879, extensively annotated,
cross-referenced and indexed.  It also includes a
unique 'push-button access system' that provides
hypertext links between the standard, annotations,
overview and tutorials, and additional tutorial and
reference material.  It will be published in hardback
at 50 pounds stirling.

Ruth Glynn
Software Editor, Oxford Electronic Publishing