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Michael Sperberg-McQueen
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To:         tei-l@uicvm
Subject:    PCs in India
Date:       Tue, 09 Oct 90 10:23:22 +0100
From:       Dominik Wujastyk <[hidden email]>

It may surprise Chris to know that there are rather a lot of computers
in India, including locally built PC clones.  And Indian companies have
been very active in designing and building add-in cards for standard
busses that allow multilingual text processing in many scripts. (India
has 14 recognised state languages, plus English, and each has its
different script, as different as Cyrillic and Roman.)

Moreover, India writes quite a lot of systems software for Western
companies. And it is on the international networks (mainly Usenet).

India's forwardness in computing is largely due to a huge government
modernization initiative that was launched by Rajiv Gandhi.

India has also -- for many decades -- been a net exporter of food.

Yes, of course India has severe internal problems, but the time is long
past when a thinking person can hold up India as the paradigm of a
backward country.

Nor can England, apparently: my wife has just taken up a lectureship in
Hindu Studies at SOAS.  She went to the computer person with a shopping
list (AT compatible, hard disk, colour VGA, 24pin or better printer, MS
Word 5, etc.), and met no resistance whatsoever.  She's getting
everything she asked for, as well as a Janet link.  I have to admit,
though, I was (pleasantly) surprised.