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Lou Burnard-2
From: Daniel Hirst <[hidden email]>
Subject: Prosodic Transcription and Labelling
To: Multiple recipients of list PROSODY <[hidden email]>

        Machine-Readable Labelling for Prosodic Notation

                Call for Information

 At the ESCA Prosody Workshop (Lund 1993) a meeting was held to discuss
 and present recent proposals concerning prosodic labelling and
 transcription systems for different languages.  During this meeting, a
 task-force (consisting of Gosta Bruce, Nick Campbell, Dafydd Gibbon,
 Daniel Hirst, and Jacques Terken) was set up to survey currently
 available methods, and prepare a report on Machine-Readable Labelling
 for Prosodic Notation The report will be made publicly available in
 electronic form via e.g., WWW, ftp, Prosody/COCOSDA bulletins, or
 direct e-mail.

 In order to make this report as complete as possible, we are calling
 for contributions and for any available information on recent
 developments, applications, evaluations or comparisons of such
 systems.  This can include information on labelling systems developed
 for corpora which may or may not themselves be publicly available.
 The contributions should reach us at the latest by the end of the
 forthcoming ICSLP meeting (Yokohama 1994), so that a decision can be
 made at that meeting concerning the distribution medium and contents
 of the final report.

We propose the following time-table for collating information and
writing the report:
31 July 1994    Collation of initial brief information
30 August 1994  Elicitation of further more detailed descriptions
                        on the basis of collated information, possibly
                        by questionnaire
30 Sept 1994    Final submission date for detailed descriptions
31 Oct 1994     Draft version of report for circulation and
                        critique (distribution: those who respond to
                        this and/or following messages)

 We also propose the organisation of a workshop at the forthcoming
 ICPhS XIII (Stockholm 1995) to discuss and evaluate different
 labelling methods, using common data in the form of publicly available
 machine-readable multilingual speech databases.

      GB, NC, DG, DJH, JT