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Michael Sperberg-McQueen
Faithful readers of this bulletin board will be aware that from time to
time we have been lobbing onto it large quantities of more or less
undigested comment and reaction from recipients of TEI P1, some of it
quite technical or sharply focussed, some not. The hope is that you
will pick up on one or more of the points individual respondents have
made and react to them yourself: this hope has (like most others) been
successful in some cases and not in others. Also, of course, we can do
that fairly quickly, while the comment is still fresh in the mind.

However, as comments build up, the editors have been feeling the need
for a more structured approach: moreover, we are committed under the
terms of our grant to provide a formal response to written comments.
Consequently, we have to impose some sort of structure on them, and
provide some sort of point-by-point response. Those who have sent in
comments already will know how successfully we have done this so far; our
question for the TEI-L readership (though the populations overlap) is --
would you rather see the comments posted here undigested, or (after a
delay) itemised, and with at least one editor's first careless thoughts
about an answer attached?

Strong views only need respond: if no strong views appear, we'll just
carry on doing what comes naturally...

-Lou Burnard
 Michael Sperberg-McQueen