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regexp matches of sgml tags

Richard Goerwitz
>>From a recent posting:

       Unix nitpick:  the question has been raised as to what kind
       of regular expression might match SGML tags the best. Certainly,
       as Erik has pointed out, the initial suggestion
       is indeed far too destructive.

Not only this, but for many Unix systems, you'll run into line length
limits.  I checked GNU sed, and from a brief look at the code, it seems
it will allocate extra space if it needs it.  But this isn't so for all
sed implementations.

       Isn't a more elegant solution the regexp:


(Originally, your regexp had ^Z's in it, and no initial caret in the
brackets - isn't the above what you meant?)

One thing I'm wondering about is how you specify a literal (i.e. non-
meta) "<" or ">."