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searching for tei parser

First of all I will introduce myself.
My name is Fabio Ciotti and I am a young researcher at Rome University
La Sapienza, Dept. of Italian Literature.

Me and other people are working on a project that have the main aim to
produce hypertextual scientific edition of literary text (in particular
contemporary italian narrative).

In this context we've decided to use the guidelines of TEI as the basic
format for the encoding of electronic version of texts, and as the input
format for a document browser (something like Mosaic for html tagged docs).

I wuold like to know if (and where to get it) a good sgml parser to validate
tei docs exists on the Internet. I tried the parser furnished with arcsgml
but it did not work, probably becouse of the lenght of GI's.

We are also looking for editors (commercial as well!) to facilitate
text-tagging, and for "tei-tagged" docs browser already developped.

Finally we wuold like to know if there are other similar projecst under
developpment in other Universities and Reserach centers.

Thanks for (hoped) answers.

                                                Doct. Fabio Ciotti
                                                University of Rome
                                                Dept. of Italian Literature