stripping out SGML code

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stripping out SGML code

Richard Goerwitz
I dunno, but it seems we're making a mountain out of a molehill with
this SGML code-removal discussion.  There's no need to waste space
distributing texts both with and without SGML codes, since stripping
out the codes seems to be quite doable.

I have no guidebooks on SGML, and in fact have no desire to make my-
self into an SGML guru.  If, however, someone will send me a con-
cise syntactic summary of SGML format, I will in turn post an Icon
program that will either 1) strip the codes, or else 2) replace the
codes with a set of user-specifiable replacements.

Why Icon?  It's a string processing language implemented on almost
every machine anyone reading this will have access to, it is free,
and, although it is a general-purpose language, it has special string
processing enhancements which make is especially good for such tasks.

If some kind soul will email me the necessary information, I will (as
I said) post the above-mentioned code to this newsgroup, probably
within an hour or two of receiving the summary.