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tei-web-editor: request for user feedback

Jeffrey Witt

Hi all,


I’m working on a TEI-Web-Editor (https://tei-web-editor.herokuapp.com/) that aims to (1) give users an immediate preview of their encoding, (2) use the editor alongside IIIF images with an embedded mirador viewer, (3) sync to a user’s github account to allow users to fork, checkout, commit, submit pull requests, and easily publish to gh-pages without really needing to know what GIT is.


It’s definitely still an alpha project, but I hope to use it with some students this fall. Thus, I’m eager to get user feedback from people who might have an interest in such an editor. Please send any comments you have to the issues list here: https://github.com/jeffreycwitt/tei-web-editor/issues


As noted above, an instance of the editor can be found here: https://tei-web-editor.herokuapp.com/ Once loaded, you should be able to experiment with editing without logging into github. But once logged in, you should have access to your repositories and be able to save/commit your content to any repos you own.


Again, if you have any problems, issues, feature requests, I would be most grateful if you would log them here: https://github.com/jeffreycwitt/tei-web-editor/issues


Best wishes,



Jeffrey C. Witt

Department of Philosophy

Loyola University Maryland