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Re: an archival query 0 replies tei-l
Re: IIIF and facs (and TEI) 1 reply tei-l
job: Global Digital Humanities Librarian (Ohio State University) 0 replies tei-l
Re: Ongoing text encoding capacity 0 replies tei-l
Fwd: [DLF-ANNOUNCE] Call for Proposals: NHPRC-Mellon Planning Grants for Digital Edition Publishing Cooperatives 0 replies tei-l
Re: problems with TEI lists hosted at 0 replies tei-l
problems with TEI lists hosted at 1 reply tei-l
Re: Encoding printed titles 0 replies tei-l
Re: oXygen support for Schematron Quick Fixes 1 reply tei-l
Re: Coding a corpus of song texts 0 replies tei-l
Re: Coding a corpus of song texts 3 replies tei-l
Re: @mimeType somewhere in the fileDesc 0 replies tei-l
Re: unavailable 1 reply tei-l
Re: unavailable 3 replies tei-l unavailable 12 replies tei-l
Re: TEI MsDesc to MODS? 0 replies tei-l
Re: dictionnary entries in biblStruct 0 replies tei-l
Re: advice on xml:ids 0 replies tei-l
looking for crosswalks between TEI headers and other metadata formats 0 replies tei-l
Re: Listing journals (bibStruct with single <series>) 0 replies tei-l
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