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Re: TEI and legal texts 0 replies tei-l
Fw: [globaloutlookDH-l] Reminder: Nominations open for GO::DH Executive elections 0 replies tei-l
Announcing FORCE11 Scholarly Communications Institute July 30 - August 4, 2017 0 replies tei-l
MITACS summer internships available (including DH). 1 reply tei-l
Fwd: [FoRCnet.org] JOB OPPORTUNITY - ARCADIA FUND, LONDON 0 replies tei-l
Re: Presentation of critical apparatus 0 replies tei-l
Re: TEI Election: list of nominees and elections 0 replies tei-l
Re: How many of you are using the Debian packages? 0 replies tei-l
Mitacs summer 2016 internships 1 reply tei-l
Fwd: [DHSI] DH Postdoc at Guelph 0 replies tei-l
Tenure Track Vacancy in Art History at Uleth. 0 replies tei-l
Re: "idno not allowed yet" 4 replies tei-l
Re: "waiting letters" 0 replies tei-l
Re: "waiting letters" 0 replies tei-l
Force2015 (was Re: Symposium: Toward a new social contract between publishers and editors) 0 replies tei-l
Re: advice on xml:ids 5 replies tei-l
Re: Textual borrowings not requiring quotation marks 0 replies tei-l
Fwd: [SHARP-L] FW: Conference Announcement: Digital Initiatives Symposium Call for Proposals 0 replies tei-l
Job: scholarly communication librarian McGill 0 replies tei-l
Re: Editorial choice between deleted and added text 4 replies tei-l
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