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Senior Researcher Position on Digital Prosopography 0 replies tei-l
<lb/> in <surface> 2 replies tei-l
IDE Autumn School „Digitale Edition – Vertiefung und Nutzung���, 1.-5.10.2018 in Wien 0 replies tei-l
Re: Call for Nominations for TEI-c Board, Technical Council, and TAPAS Advisory Board 1 reply tei-l
TEI and legal texts 1 reply tei-l
Re: IIIF and facs (and TEI) 0 replies tei-l
Senior Research Assistant in Diplomatics and Digital Humanities (Graz University) 0 replies tei-l
Re: MEDEA. Modeling semantically Enriched Digital Edition of Accounts 8 replies tei-l
Conference Digital Edition as Interfaces (23./24.9., Graz): Abstracts and registration 0 replies tei-l
DIGITAL SCHOLARLY EDITIONS AS INTERFACES (23-24/9/2016 Graz,University) 0 replies tei-l
2 Vacancies in "Digital Humanities" at the University of Graz, Austria 0 replies tei-l
Reminder: Uni Graz: PostDoc job "Digital Editions" (DiXiT Experienced Researcher) 0 replies tei-l
Uni Graz: PostDoc job "Digital Editions" (DiXiT Experienced Researcher) 1 reply tei-l
CfP 2nd MEDEA Workshop on "Modeling semantically Enriched Digital Edition of Accounts", Wheaton Mass. April 6-8 2016 0 replies tei-l
CfP: Modeling semantically Enriched Digital Editions fo Accounts - Regensburg 22. Oct. - 24 Oct. 2015 0 replies tei-l
Re: zone/g 1 reply tei-l
zone/g 4 replies tei-l
Digital Diplomatics 2013, Paris 14-16 Nov 0 replies tei-l
Re: XML-Tag <rdg> Readings 2 replies tei-l
Re: <g> in <line> not allowed? 0 replies tei-l