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Second Call for Papers for the Digital Humanities in the Nordic Countries 2019 (DHN2019) conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, 6–8 March 2019 0 replies tei-l
CfP DHN 2019 (Digital Humanities in Nordic Countries), Copenhagen Denmark - #dhn2019 0 replies tei-l
Re: using msDesc for rare books 1 reply tei-l
Call for Papers: Digital Humanities in the Nordic Countries, DHN 2018 conference in Helsinki, Finland, 7–9 March 2018. 0 replies tei-l
Digital Humanities the Nordic and Baltic countries: DHN 2019: Call for Hosts 0 replies tei-l
Re: IIIF and facs (and TEI) 1 reply tei-l
Re: IIIF and facs (and TEI) 13 replies tei-l
CfP, DHN 2017 Digital Humanities in the Nordic Countries, EXTENDED DEADLINE: November 25th 0 replies tei-l
Call for paper: Digital humanities in the Nordic Countries, deadline Nov. 15. 0 replies tei-l
Re: Examples, and NOT citations in dictionaries 2 replies tei-l
Re: TEI Dictionaries to RDF 0 replies tei-l
TEI Dictionaries to RDF 2 replies tei-l
TEI ontologies SIG meeting in Rome Thursday 3 October. 0 replies tei-l
cfp: NedDiMAH workshop “Ontology based an notation" July 17th 2012 in connec tion with DH2012, 0 replies tei-l
ONTOLOGY SIG meeting in Wurzburg new time FRIDAY 0900 0 replies tei-l
medieval charters encoding of 3 replies tei-l
Re: TEI Dictionary module 0 replies tei-l
Re: linkGrp 0 replies tei-l
linkGrp 5 replies tei-l
Re: how to express known unknowns 0 replies tei-l