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DCMI Webinar: How to Design & Build Semantic Applications with Linked Data 0 replies tei-l
DCMI Webinar: Me4MAP - A Method for the Development of Metadata Application Profiles 0 replies tei-l
Second Call for DC-2017 Participation, Washington, D.C., October 26-29 0 replies tei-l
NKOS Workshop at DC-2017: Call for Participation 0 replies tei-l
Webinar: Nailing Jello to a Wall: Metrics, Frameworks, & Existing Work for Metadata Assessment 0 replies tei-l
DCMI Webinar: Data on the Web Best Practices: Challenges and Benefits 0 replies tei-l
DCMI publishes Call for Participation for DC-2017 (Washington, D.C.) 0 replies tei-l
DCMI Webinar: From MARC silos to Linked Data silos? Data models for bibliographic Linked Data 0 replies tei-l
Don't miss DC-2016 in Copenhagen! Early registration ends 2 September 2016 0 replies tei-l
DC-2016 FINAL PROGRAM PUBLISHED 0 replies tei-l
IFLA Satellite Meeting: Dublin Core @ 21 0 replies tei-l
FINAL call for DC-2016 Presentations & Best Practice Posters/Demos 0 replies tei-l
NKOS Workshop - Second Call for Presentations and Demos 0 replies tei-l
New Presentations Track opened for DC-2016 in Copenhagen 0 replies tei-l
Call for Participation and Demos: NKOS Dublin Core workshop 0 replies tei-l
DCMI Webinar: Modeling and Publishing of Controlled Vocabularies for the UNESKOS Project 0 replies tei-l
DCMI Webinar Series: Generic Tools and Methods for SKOS-based Concept Schemes 0 replies tei-l
DCMI Webinar - Creating Content Intelligence: Harmonized Taxonomy & Metadata in the Enterprise Context 0 replies tei-l
DC-2016 Call of Participation - Copenhagen, Denmark 0 replies tei-l
ASIS&T Webinar: Academic Search Engine Optimization of Web Documents for Google Scholar 0 replies tei-l