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Re: alternative HTML rendering of the TEI Guidelines/customizations 2 replies tei-l
Shelley-Godwin Archive: new grant and material 0 replies tei-l
Registration is now open for ‘Textual Embodiments,’ the 2017 STS annual conference 0 replies tei-l
Reminder: Society for Textual Scholarship CFP deadline Feb 26 0 replies tei-l
Announcing the Society for Textual Scholarship's 2017 CFP 0 replies tei-l
Re: Simple alternation 3 replies tei-l
Announcing coreBuilder - a tool for creating TEI stand-off markup 0 replies tei-l
Re: wb ("word break") element, parallel to "line break" 1 reply tei-l
Re: Stand-off tei:encodingDesc 4 replies tei-l
Re: Stand-off tei:encodingDesc 6 replies tei-l
Re: New release of the Shelley-Godwin Archive 3 replies tei-l
New release of the Shelley-Godwin Archive 5 replies tei-l
Re: Quick question for SourceForge contributors 1 reply tei-l
Quick question for SourceForge contributors 2 replies tei-l
Re: page for TEI wiki on SharedCanvas 1 reply tei-l
Re: physically dispersed text-bearing objects 0 replies tei-l
Re: Unicode Normalization 1 reply tei-l
Music Encoding Conference 2015 1 reply tei-l
Re: Creation of TEI namespace 1 reply tei-l
Re: quotes in names 2 replies tei-l