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DH@Madrid Summer School 3-5 July, also online! 0 replies tei-l
DayofDH2017 Last 2 days to register!! 0 replies tei-l
DayofDH2017 will take place on 20th April! - launchment 0 replies tei-l
Worshop: "Building a common model for semantic interoperability in the digital poetry ecosystems". Madrid, 15-17 March, UNED or online 0 replies tei-l
Re: Grand Old Man of TEI 0 replies tei-l
Last days to register in our DH online programs at LINHD-UNED 0 replies tei-l
Launch of the Virtual Research Environment of LINHD - 19 October, also online! 0 replies tei-l
Registration open for our LINHD Online Digital Humanities 2016-17 courses: Digital Humanities, Digital Scholarly Editing and Stylometry! 0 replies tei-l
Post-doctoral 4 years DH position in Madrid at LINHD-UNED 0 replies tei-l
Re: JEdit validation with TEI 0 replies tei-l
POSTDATA ERC Project Presentation & Kick-off meeting - 29th June, Madrid- Invitation to join! 0 replies tei-l
DH@Madrid Summer School 27June-1July, also online! 0 replies tei-l